Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with Mexican sausage, refried beans, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeño peppers, olives and green peppers. MINI 6.99    MEDIUM 7.99    LARGE 9.99

Super Nachos

Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with seasoned beef, olives, onion, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and melted cheese. SMALL 7.99    LARGE 9.99

Shrimp Nachos

Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, shrimp°, ranchero sauce and slices of avocado 11.99

Chicken Nachos

SMALL 7.99    LARGE 9.99


Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, olives and jalapeño peppers. SMALL 5.99    LARGE 6.99

Queso Flameado

Flaming Mexican Cheese. A combination of Mexican sausage, melted cheese and ranchero sauce 7.99

Guacamole a la Mexicana

Avocado dip served with tortilla chips, tomato, onion and cilantro on the side. SMALL 7.79    LARGE 9.59

Frijoles con Chorizo

Refried beans and Mexican sausage with tortillas. 6.99

Quesadilla Fingers

Wedges of crispy flour tortilla stuffed with cheese and your choice of steak, chicken, chorizo, shrimp and melted cheese; topped with sour cream, avocado slices, olives and cilantro sprinkles. PLAIN 7.99,   CHICKEN OR CHORIZO 8.99,   STEAK OR SHRIMP 9.99

Chicken Fingers

4pcs Chicken Fingers 4.99

6pcs Chicken Fingers 5.99

Chicken wings

Sided with ranch, BBQ chipotle sauce and celery sticks. 6 wings $5.99    12 wings $8.99    18 wings $12.79    24 wings $15.49    50 wings $31.99



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