About Us


We’re dedicated to serving healthful, freshly prepared food from the skilled hands of our kitchen Masters. But we’re not just dedicated to our delicious, authentic food. We’re dedicated to our customers. Our servers want to make every customer experience count on each visit.


In 1983, El Rancho Mexican Restaurant opened on Vernor Hwy in the heart of Mexican town in Detroit where we quickly became a local favorite. With authentically prepared Mexican food which is a family's best kept secret recipes. freshly prepared ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere customers knew they had a unique dining experience unlike any other in the neighborhood. No wonder we are voted #1 Mid Salsa in the State.

As word spread, so did our popularity -- establishing El Rancho Restaurant as a true local place for delicious flavors throughout Detroit.

While a lot has changed over the past few decades, El Rancho’s commitment to fresh, authentically prepared food has not. And we’re just getting started because with each day that passes, we grow more and more passionate about our food.


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